Virtual Teaching Position

Full Time and Part Time Virtual Teaching Positions

Middle School and High School Certified

Calvert Education Services (CES) is hiring highly qualified full-time and part-time (contract) virtual teachers for its inaugural high school. CES is looking for educators who are student-focused, possess deep content knowledge, and hold a strong commitment to high-level learning and student engagement. Previous teaching experience in a virtual setting and multiple subject area certifications is preferred. Great emphasis is placed on expectations for teacher and student success, which includes ongoing professional development, thought leadership, data analysis, and evaluation. 

Full-time teachers are responsible for developing and executing curriculum based on Understanding by Design planning and CES’s Learn, Use, Teach pedagogy, managing online classrooms on a multi-track school year calendar, holding weekly office hours, and weekly live teaching/tutoring to meet the needs of students in various time zones.
Part-time (adjunct) teachers are responsible for grading student work and on-line live teaching in a student-driven, self-paced environment that includes weekly office hours and live teaching/tutoring sessions.

Overarching Responsibilities:
• Explore and employ the use of a variety of instructional techniques and media tools in supporting the delivery of content, consistent with the needs and capabilities of the individuals or student groups involved.
• Strive to implement, by instruction and action, Calvert’s philosophy of education.
• Attend and participate in meetings and webinars involving the faculty and relevant educational topics pertaining to professional educators and learning in a digital environment.
• Collaborate with other members of the staff in planning instructional goals, objectives and methods.
• Collaborate in the selection of digital curriculum, online tools, and other instructional materials.
• Work to establish and maintain open lines of communication with students and their parents concerning both the broad academic and behavioral progress of all assigned students.
• Establish and maintain positive teamwork and collaboration with various levels of teams supporting both content needs and student educational needs.
• Become a thought leader within the organization and outside in the global k-12 educational community.
• Participate in pilots, programs, and opportunities which explore growth opportunities and learning experiences for Calvert Education Services.
• Feel comfortable to be creative, think outside the box, try teaching and learning online from a different perspective and point of view.

• Attend Academy Professional Development for teachers beginning the last week of June and/or first week of July.
• Meet and instruct assigned classes according to flexible times on a weekly basis as designated by Calvert.
• Evaluate student progress on a regular basis through various assessment methods and techniques.
• Maintain accurate, complete, and correct records as required by law, academy policy, and administrative regulations.
• Accept a share of responsibility for co-curricular activities as assigned.
• Work a 40 hour work week within a flexible morning, afternoon, evening rotation.

• Proficient in MS Excel, Word, and Outlook
• First hand use of technology tools beyond those mentioned above for the purpose of online teaching and learning
• Experience in a customer service environment
• Strong written/verbal communication skills
• Flexible schedule
• Able to pass background check requirements
• Permanent state teaching certificate

• Three (3) or more years of teaching experience
• Master’s degree 
• Experience supporting adults and children in the use of technology 
• Ability to quickly learn new technologies and tools


From your preferred email account, submit the information below to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The Subject Line of the email should read: Full Time or Part Time/ State of Certification/ Subject Area of Your Certification/and Grade Level(s) of Certification. Example: FT- Florida-Social Studies-6-12

Include the following attachments: Updated resume with correct contact information, copy of your collegiate transcript that aligns with the teaching content where you are certified, and a copy of your valid state certification.  

In the body of the email, please feel free to share whatever information is relative to your passion for education and your willingness to become certified in the state of Maryland should that be a requirement.

Selection Process:  

Resumes will be accepted until May 31, 2014.   Within seven days, you should receive an email response including a link to StyleProfile for Teachers, a short, multiple choice test that will help us get to know our candidates during the hiring process.   Candidates will be contacted on overall ability to follow directions and position qualifications based on all information submitted.  No phone calls or emails will be accepted on the status of application process.