Inspiring the Best in Children

Calvert Inspires the Best in Your Child

For over 100 years, Calvert School’s comprehensive curriculum has been inspiring the best in children. In the last decade, more than 186,000 students have enrolled in Calvert School’s Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade program, with enrollees ranging from the family next door to families in the military, missionary work, performing arts, and the sailing community.

Calvert School Is Time-tested

Shortly after its inception, Calvert School began selling its curriculum from a bookstore in Baltimore. Before long, Calvert’s curriculum, the only homeschool curriculum then available, became the choice for families who found themselves overseas but who wanted a classical American curriculum. Through word of mouth and an advertisement in National Geographic magazine, Calvert’s appeal grew. Families were drawn to the academically challenging coursework, the detailed lesson manuals based on real students in real classrooms, and the fact that Calvert’s lessons left no gaps in instruction. Once the families tried Calvert, their children’s academic success quickly made them Calvert families for life.

Calvert School's Curriculum Is Unique

Students anxiously await the arrival each year of the box containing all of the course materials needed for that year. The Learning Guide, usually a parent, uses a lesson manual providing detailed, step-by-step instructions for that day’s lessons in subjects like spelling, grammar, composition, mathematics, reading, geography, history, music, and other subjects. The manual also offers discussion questions, reminders, and helpful hints that enable parents to quickly make the transition to teacher, regardless of their education, and eliminates the time-consuming process of gathering materials and preparing each day’s lesson plan. Calvert families say they like the convenience and knowing that educationally comprehensive, age-appropriate, and engaging materials are provided in their Calvert boxes.

Calvert's Curriculum Provides Flexibility

Parents can work at a pace appropriate for their student or students; they can move quickly over easily understood materials while taking extra time for difficult concepts. Calvert’s materials also provide opportunities for drilling and review, while at the same time allowing a student to work on an academically rigorous program that meets his or her individual pacing needs.

Calvert Offers Innovation

Several years ago, after an unsuccessful search for a new math series, Calvert School embarked on the creation of its own series. Calvert Math for Grades 1–4 became available in 2000, while the textbooks and practice and enrichment workbooks for Grade 5–8 and Kindergarten made their debut in 2001. The Calvert Math series couples a strong foundation in mathematical skills, conveyed with a colorful layout and many graphics, with real-world problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Students apply math concepts to scenarios they might encounter in life. As a result, children understand the application, rather than just a mechanical process.

Calvert Gives Parents the Tools They Need to Succeed

Calvert provides placement testing to ensure that children are properly placed in an appropriate grade level. Calvert also offers Education Counselors, professionally trained teachers who by toll-free phone call or e-mail provide free assistance to families. Questions may concern how to teach several children at once, ways to work with a child’s personal learning style, and solutions to mathematics problems. This valuable resource is available at no extra cost to all families that enroll in Calvert School.

Calvert Provides Accountability

At a time when states are increasingly asking for homeschool students to prove they have completed the work, Calvert offers its Advisory Teaching Services (ATS). This program matches professional teachers with students so that students receive corrected tests and valuable feedback when they submit tests by mail or online. Additionally, students receive a personal letter from their ATS teacher reporting their results and offering encouragement and suggestions for improvement. This optional service, available for a fee, provides students with motivation and parents with the peace of mind that comes from knowing an objective party is looking at the student’s work.

Calvert School Has a Track Record of Success

As the homeschool curriculum market has grown, Calvert School continues to provide families with affordable, classical, time-tested courses. Thousands of students continue to reap the benefits of Calvert School’s curriculum. The Calvert School curriculum doesn’t just teach educational fundamentals, it inspires the best in children.

In short, Calvert School’s curriculum lives up to the words of its first Head Master, Virgil M. Hillyer, who said:

“The whole realm of knowledge is the true field of study and school is not a preparation for life—it is life.”