Calvert Community

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At Calvert, we work hard to create a sense of community for our homeschooling families. Though every family's experiences and location is different, each family shares a common bond—the Calvert program.

Whether you are homeschooling in a small rural community, a big city, a foreign country, or in a boat sailing around the world, chances are that other children are tackling the same Calvert lesson as you each day. We try to build on this commonality of experience by giving our families a number of ways to share with one another. In all of these programs, we hope to build a sense of community among people who value their use of Calvert Education’s program.


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Parent Community

All Calvert families are part of our educational community. While each homeschooling situation is unique, we try to give our parents a number of ways to share their Calvert experience. Use this page to ask and answer questions with other parents on our forum or to read blog entries from our Calvert staff, providing helpful information and insight into the people that shape the curriculum that helps you educate your child. Check out the Calvert Parent Community.