6th Grade


Calvert’s comprehensive curriculum
materials include everything you need
for a full year of teaching.

An Emphasis on Life Skills and Independent Learning

Our 6th Grade curriculum will expand your child’s knowledge of classic American literature by delving into works of Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and Langston Hughes. These pieces will supplement your child’s learning of sentence diagramming, which is unique among contemporary educators. The spelling unit that is covered in 6th Grade includes many cross-curriculum words from other subjects and integrates with phonics instruction.

Two different math options are available with our 6th Grade curriculum:  1) Calvert Math, a traditional math program where students review common mathematical operations, fractions, and decimals, and dive into integers, graphing, statistics, and problem-solving or 2) Math in Focus, a new, modernized math approach where students use integers to represent positive and negative real world quantities, relate fractions, decimals, and percents, as well as generate and identify equivalent  expressions.

Other subject areas, such as World History, Technology, and Art are covered in depth in our 6th Grade curriculum. Your child will explore the birth of Western Civilization from the dawn of man through the fall of Rome. In geography, a student will travel to Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica, where he or she will also learn about the environment, weather, and climates in their sciences. Our technology lessons cover operation systems, URLs, Web searches, and presentation software. Finally, to cultivate your child’s creativity, 6th Grade will also cover hands on art lessons coordinated with art history.


The Tools You Need Plus Unlimited Support

Our comprehensive 6th Grade homeschool program includes everything you need to successfully educate your child at home: print textbooks, workbooks, reading books, maps, science and math kits, activity pages, tests, and more!  Our print and online Lesson Manuals include complete daily lesson plans and step-by-step instructions.

All Calvert programs also include access to the Calvert Teaching Navigator, our innovative online resource that makes homeschooling with Calvert easier and more flexible than ever before.  Plus, every enrollment includes free, unlimited Teacher Support from our highly trained and certified Education Counselors.

What your child will learn in 6th Grade:

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    Spelling & Vocabulary

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    Calvert Math

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    Math in Focus

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    Lessons, activities, and online interactive learning tools are integrated with curriculum, particularly Grammar and Science.

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  • History and Geography

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    Art History

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My son did Calvert from Pre-K on up. When he got to 7th grade, he joined the juniors and seniors at our local public high school to try out the College Board SATs (as part of the Duke TIP), just to see how he would do. He came out with a 650 in Reading, a 590 in Writing, and a 510 in Math (and he hadn’t even learned any high school math, yet).

This is a competitive SAT score even for a high school graduate! I’ll say that Calvert has been preparing him well.

— Bill L., Calvert Dad