Ninth Grade Courses

The Calvert High School offers a full array of courses consistent with its college prep approach. The catalog is structured around a set of basic academic courses that every student is expected to complete, along with a diverse selection of electives and world languages. The course catalog is fairly focused in the school’s first year, but it will grow significantly in breadth and diversity as the school grows into 11th and 12th grades in future years. The suggested course offerings for this coming school year are:


  • Algebra 1 or Geometry
  • Biology
  • English Language Arts 9
  • U.S. Government/Civics (each one semester-long course)
  • Advanced Placement – Human Geography
  • Spanish Language 1 and 2
  • Digital Arts
  • Music Appreciation
  • Health
  • Personal Fitness
  • Introduction to Information Technology

The core pedagogy of the Calvert academic program, and the foundational element of our instructional design, is the Learn-Use-Teach model. This approach represents an education “eco-system” designed to maximize each individual student’s experience by engaging with a wider learning community.

Learn – Understand content and concepts at a deep level and across subject areas

Use – Use the content in collaboration with others and within the world

Teach – Share and interactively present the learned content to others, actively engaging with material beyond the classroom

Created to incorporate the best of what we know about how students learn, the Learn-Use-Teach pedagogy is informed by research and best practices. As such, this approach is supportive of active learning and derived from inquiry-based learning foundations.

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