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Ignite Learning with Fun Developmental Activities

Designed to balance work and play using guided, fun, developmental activities, our Pre-K curriculum is the perfect way for you and your child begin the educational experience together. We provide hands-on activities and manipulatives that help focus your child’s readiness skills and prepare him or her for kindergarten.

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Setting the Foundation for a Lifetime of Learning

With a focus on fundamental skill development, our Elementary School programs create the foundation for academic success. Our engaging programs will encourage your student to explore, discover, and excel, while developing a strong foundation of learning concepts that will lead to academic success for years to come.

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Independent Learning and Developing Skills for the Future

With an emphasis on independent learning and developing skills for the future, our comprehensive Middle School programs offer an academically advanced curriculum that will prepare your student for high school and beyond.

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Preparing for College, Career, and Life

Designed to prepare your student for success in college and beyond, our academically rigorous High School programs are reflective of the highest international standards. Our programs provide students with the tools they need to succeed in college, career, and life.

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    The reviews that our passionate community writes about Calvert act as stand alone testimonies to Calvert’s proven curriculum.

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    We Partner With Schools

    From our proven curriculum, to ongoing support and our easy-to-use technology platform, schools count on Calvert to help them and their students succeed.

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