Online Resources

At Calvert, we help homeschool parents bring lessons to life with interactive learning resources built right into the curriculum. From skills-building games and quizzes to virtual labs and world-class, online reference books, you’ll find all the tools you need to keep your child engaged and learning.

Make Learning Fun with These Interactive Multimedia Resources:

Britannica® School

Grades K,7 and 8
Your child has access to a wealth of information through the multimedia resources located in this ad‑free online version of Encyclopedia Britannica. Interactive and engaging graphics, audio, games, and videos accompany many topics, allowing your child to explore content according to their learning level.

Britannica® World Atlas

Grades K–8
The World Atlas allows your child to explore regions of the world through interactive Google Maps. Each country and major city contains additional resources where your child can read a summary, profile, or related historical highlights.


Publisher-provided electronic versions of selected textbooks contain additional resources, such as video clips, text-to-speech, auto-graded practice tests, and valuable support material.


Grades K–8
These engaging, concept-specific videos from Discovery Education STREAMING will help your child grasp concepts covered in daily lessons.


Grades K–8
Interactive multimedia learning is more than just fun; it increases learning. Your child will love the BrainPop® videos, games, and quizzes we’ve integrated into the Calvert experience.

Rosetta Stone® Language Labs

Grades 9-12
Your World Language student will be exposed to native speakers and get immediate pronunciation feedback using speech recognition technology. These highly-regarded labs also include relevant cultural topics to help your student better understand and appreciate the language and its culture.

Math In Focus Digi +

Grades 1–5
Bring Math to life with these fun, interactive online tutorials, activities, and quizzes. Math in Focus Digi + combines multimedia technology with instructional strategies to create an engaging learning experience.

Dr. Burger Math Videos

Grades 9–12
Humor is an integral tool among the teaching methods used in these video tutorials. Dr. Burger is an award-winning lecturer and researcher who has been honored as a leader in education for his innovative work in developing educational and entertaining mathematics materials.

Science Fusion

Grades 6–8
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Science Fusion series includes online activities, videos and virtual labs that can be completed side-by-side with hands-on activities. This series promotes important critical-thinking skills that prepare your student for success in future science courses and in the workplace.

HMH Science Dimensions® You Solve It Simulations

Grades K–5
HMH Science Dimensions provides your student with rich opportunities to conduct hands-on investigations, solve problems, and present their findings.

Smart Science Virtual Labs

Grades 9-12
These recorded labs combine traditional hands-on and interactive recorded experiments to encourage scientific thinking. Your student will watch real, recorded experiments and compare his or her own data.

Calvert provides a full variety of subjects and the material is awesome. The Ed Counselors provide brilliant guidance and support. The videos and internet based learning tools are absolutely fantastic. I’m delighted we chose Calvert.

— Hayley S., Calvert Mom