Online Resources

Calvert has integrated the following online resources into our curriculum to provide your child with a dynamic, fun, and enriching learning experience. These resources are included at no additional cost.

Discovery Education STREAMING  (Grades K-8)

Calvert presents concept-specific videos from Discovery Education STREAMING. These videos will engage your child and help bring lessons alive.

Brain POP (Grades K-8)

Calvert is pleased to include interactive, online activities featuring BrainPOP. These engaging online activities support the core curriculum and will help ignite your child’s learning. See our example videos:


Calvert Reference Materials (All Grades)

Online versions of Encyclopedia Britannica and World Atlas.

Interactive Computer Skills (Grades K-8)

Calvert’s computer skills lessons are subject-integrated, animated, and child-friendly to help children develop word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation software, HTML basic programming, desktop publishing, and web research skills.

Game-Based Math Practice (Grades K-5)Calvert-Curriculum-Game-Based-Math-Practice

Learning math is fun with web-delivered supplemental math activities. This game-based program uses rich, multisensory activities designed to improve learning while developing higher level problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Calvert Mastery Series Spelling (Grades 3-7)Calvert-Spelling-Series-Online-Resources

Incorporating dynamic activities while using “smart” technology to create individualized learning, Calvert’s online spelling program encourages the mastery of spelling skills.

Calvert Instructional Videos (Grades 5-8)

Calvert’s math, grammar, composition, and history instructional videos are engaging and interactive. These tutorial videos are aligned to lesson objectives and help with retention.Calvert-Education-Grammar-Video

Curriculum Checkpoints (Grades K-8)

Online, concise, objective assessments at the end of every lesson are automatically graded to give you instant feedback regarding your child’s mastery of the lesson’s concepts.


Publisher-provided electronic versions of selected textbooks contain additional resources such as video clips, auto-graded practice tests, quizzes, and valuable support material.

Calvert provides a full variety of subjects and the material is awesome. The Ed Counselors provide brilliant guidance and support. The videos and internet based learning tools are absolutely fantastic. I’m delighted we chose Calvert.

— Hayley S. Calvert Mom