Advisory Teaching Service

Partner with a Calvert Advisory Teacher for Better Results

Students enrolled in the Calvert Advisory Teaching Service (ATS) are assigned an Advisory Teacher who provides evaluations of your child’s work in all subjects, including detailed feedback on composition, mechanics, and processing skills. Students receive a personal letter with each set of corrected tests providing additional motivation and support.

Enrollment in ATS begins a partnership that will reinforce and support your homeschool journey. ATS boosts your confidence as a Learning Guide and gives you another supportive voice in your child’s education.

Guiding your child through their academic journey is what you do best; supporting you and motivating your child is what Calvert’s ATS Teachers do best.

Enrolling in ATS adds these valuable features and benefits to your homeschool experience:

  • An assigned ATS Teacher who sees your child through completion of his or her course, enabling the teacher to develop an understanding of your child’s academic development
  • A personal letter from your child’s Advisory Teacher sent with every set of corrected tests
  • An evaluation of your child’s work in all subjects in relation to a peer group
  • Detailed feedback on composition, mechanics, and processing skills
  • Motivation and encouragement for your child to do his or her best work
  • Suggestions for improved study and insightful comments
  • A partner to reinforce the observations and instructional priorities that you, the Learning Guide, have set for your child
  • A certificate of completion and a transcript (available upon request)

The ATS Placement Process

ATS enrollment for the first time in Fourth through Eighth Grades requires students to complete Calvert’s free placement test prior to enrollment. A Placement Counselor will contact your and be available to discuss test results with you.

Online Resources Included in ATS Enrollment

Express ATS
Available at no additional charge is the option of submitting ATS tests electronically. Students in Grades 1–8 may choose to scan and e-mail their ATS tests, saving both time and postage. The improved turnaround time helps keep your child on course.

Grammar Review Sessions
Fourth through Eighth Grade students enjoy the added benefit of prerecorded grammar review sessions, included every ten lessons. These review sessions help you ensure that your child understands the grammar concepts presented in the core instruction. Delivered by a Calvert Instructor, the review sessions are invaluable for ATS test preparation and concept mastery.

Online Practice Tests
Included in Third through Eighth Grades, the online practice tests help further prepare your student for the ATS test. They feature questions from our core curriculum Calvert Test Series and are automatically graded online, allowing you to determine areas needing more review.

Online Grade Book
Monitor your student’s achievement through the ATS online grade book. ATS test results are posted after the test is returned for easy tracking. The grade book is accessible through your Online Parent Learning Guide Portal.

Read-Aloud ATS
Read-Aloud ATS allows you to record your early reader on the telephone. Your Advisory Teacher will listen to your child reading an assigned passage and provide feedback on fluency, pronunciation, and expression, as well as an assessment on how your young reader is progressing relative to his or her peers.

ATS Online for Calvert Interactive Students
ATS Online allows Calvert Virtual Academy (CVA) students to save postage, paper, and time. Available exclusively as part of CVA, students take modified online ATS tests that provide feedback with improved turnaround time. Your Advisory Teacher still reviews all parts of the test and provides the same constructive feedback.

Need more time?

If your student does not finish coursework within 13 months of purchase, you may request a free, 3-month extension by calling (888) 487-4652. After this free extension period expires, continued access to the online account will not be available until you purchase a paid extension.

Paid extensions are available for $95 and valid for a 6-month period from purchase date.

Here's how it works:

  • 6-month extension added to original expiration date, if not yet expired (19 total months from purchase)
  • Expired account of less than 3 months is brought current, then extended 6 months from current date
  • NO extension available for accounts already more than 3 months expired
  • Extensions may take 24 hours to fully process