Lesson Manual

The Calvert Lesson Manual

Homeschool Guides Worth Their Weight in Gold

Calvert parents will tell you that Calvert’s Lesson Manuals are the “gold” of the Calvert curriculum. With complete daily plans for all subjects, these indispensable books allow you to easily guide your child. Our lessons incorporate the best offerings from major educational publishers. The program allows you to set your own pace, so you and your child have the most productive educational experience possible.

Our Lesson Manuals are written to the parent in Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. In Sixth through Eighth Grades, although the parents are still actively involved, the manuals directly address the student, encouraging independent study and greater responsibility.

With every Calvert enrollment, you receive both printed Lesson Manuals and online versions of the Lesson Manuals. Calvert Online Lesson Manuals are readily accessed through your child’s My Calvert account.

Features of Calvert Lesson Manuals:

  • List of daily materials
    A list of all materials and books for each day’s lesson is provided to help you prepare.
  • Assignment summary
    The assignment summary highlights the day’s work at a glance and provides a handy checklist for the completion of all work.
  • Clear Objectives
    Each subject has clearly stated learning objectives that allows you to easily track progress.
  • Detailed, step-by-step instruction
    The lessons guide you through daily instruction by providing clear examples, introducing new material, and presenting questions to ask the student.

The Calvert Online Lesson Manual

Online Calvert Lesson Manuals include everything in the printed manual and provide links for easy access to educational resources, including websites, video tutorials, curriculum checkpoints, interactive computer lessons, supplemental math activities, engaging spelling lessons, and more, all designed to reinforce core instruction.

Calvert Online Lesson Manuals provide your student easy access to online resources:

  • Online Instruction
    Easy access to video tutorials, interactive computer lessons, supplemental math activities, engaging spelling lessons, and if enrolled in ATS, Grammar review videos reinforce lessons taught.
  • Checkpoints
    Auto-graded Curriculum Checkpoints and Practice Tests help ensure content mastery.
  • Rate this Lesson
    Rate each lesson using a 5-star rating system. Calvert wants your feedback!