Proven Results

Calvert Efficacy Study

Calvert Students Outperform Other Home Study Students

In 2011–12, an independent research firm compared the progress of Calvert students with students who used other homeschooling options. After just half a year of study, midterm results show that:

  • On average, the Calvert students were scoring significantly higher than the non-Calvert group in most areas of reading and math.
  • Calvert students gained an average of one grade level or more in most areas of reading and math—all with less than 80 lessons—or approximately 4 months—of instruction.
  • By mid-curriculum, Calvert students were further advanced in their grade levels for most reading and math skills than non-Calvert students.

These findings are clearly promising for the impact of the full Calvert curriculum on students’ academic gains in a homeschool curriculum model. Final end-of-course results should now be available. Sign up to receive efficacy study updates via email.

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Efficacy Infographic

"Calvert Releases Homeschooling Academic Effectiveness Research Results"