Referral Rewards

Earn rewards for referring your
friends and family

You were always taught that it’s nice to share with your friends. So why would you keep something as wonderful as Calvert to yourself? Share the love—and we’ll share too.

How It Works

Tell your friends and family who may be interested in Calvert to mention the referral rewards program and provide your full name when they call to enroll.

Once a family you referred* enrolls in the Calvert curriculum and your information is verified in our system, you will receive $100 for each K-8 new enrollment.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can earn. If five of your friends enroll in Calvert’s K–8 curriculum, we’ll credit your account for $500!

*The families you refer must be new to the Calvert curriculum and not previously enrolled in any of Calvert’s courses or programs and must be enrolled with Calvert for more than 60 days, prior to the issuance of referral rewards. Eligible K–8 courses include Calvert Classic and Calvert Classic with ATS. Calvert Education reserves the right to refrain from issuing Referral Rewards based on extenuating circumstances.

Referral Rewards payments will be credited to your Calvert Education account or via an active PayPal account. (Referring families with active payment plans will have their $100 reward credited to the end of their payment schedule.)

Who Can Earn Referral Rewards?

The Calvert Referral Rewards Program is only open to families who are currently enrolled in Calvert or those who have been enrolled in previous years. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at