Calvert is with you every step of the way!

Education Counselors

Available by phone, email, and live chat, our Education Counselors offer alternative teaching strategies and practical advice.

Advisory Teaching Service

An Advisory Teacher provides evaluations of your child’s work in all subjects, providing additional motivation and support. A certificate of completion and transcript are available upon request.

Calvert Virtual Academy

Calvert Virtual Academy is an online program for Sixth through Eighth Grades that offers flexibility and many tiers of instructional support. CVA fits your family’s schedule and your child’s learning style and pace.

Calvert Education can help.

Martha has tons of teaching tips.

“I am all about creativity. Toss a problem my way and I will put on one of my whimsical thinking caps to find a solution for you.”

Kerry knows kids.

“As the mother of two, I know first hand that each child is motivated by something different. I can help you find that certain something that captures your child’s interest and makes learning fun.”

At Calvert, you never go it alone. Calvert support lasts long after you enroll and long after you open the box. We are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST, year-round. Have a question about a Science Lesson? A little worried about subtracting fractions? There is a team of professional educators waiting for your call.

We teach you to teach. You can give your child a world-class education without any prior teaching experience. Calvert courses are designed by instructional experts to be implemented by any adult. No special training is necessary to give your child a rigorous, high quality education. All you need is the desire and the dedication.

Learning at home. You can do it! We can help.

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