Why families love the Calvert curriculum and support

Families who use Calvert rave about our curriculum, our free support from experienced education counselors, and our optional Advisory Teaching Service. Here’s what our families have to say about Calvert:

"Our Calvert teacher is wonderful, always very encouraging with her notes when she grades the tests. As a first time homeschooling mom I love the support and also am very grateful for how easy to use the Calvert lessons are. Everything is laid out for me, I just follow the lesson manual and I know I can’t go wrong."
Melissa Gobbel, mother of Ricky, a Maryland-based Calvert second grader.

"In the first weeks of our homeschool experience I was a bit anxious about embarking on this adventure and feeling a bit like I was flying without wings. It wasn't long before your Martha Cole came to my aid and made me feel much more secure. I soon realized I was welcome to approach Martha with any and all concerns, questions and advice requests to help me through the uncertainty. Martha has been invaluable to my effort and deserves quite a bit of credit for our success. The other person who has proved to be very available and supportive is Michelle Dunn."
Janet G. McFeaters, grandmother of Isabelle, a Florida fifth grader

"I chose Calvert for its strong, rigorous curriculum and I am not disappointed. One of the things I love is the enrichment options for almost every subject; nothing extra to buy. The enrichment options really do complement the material being studied. I really enjoy homeschooling my daughter, and my daughter tells me regularly how much she enjoys being homeschooled, too. My daughter is getting a very high- quality education at her pace, and she is enjoying many more extracurricular activities than when she attended school for eight hours a day.
Michelle Bromhal, mother of Meg, a Virginia third grader

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