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Save 20% on Complete Curriculum for Grades PK–8 and Advisory Teaching Services

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Save 20% on Individual Courses for Grades K–8

Our individual courses are a great way to mix and match classes to create a complete educational program for your child. These courses can be used to round out your current homeschool curriculum, supplement a traditional brick-and-mortar school program, or to brush up on skills.


Save 20% on High School Courses - Including AP and Honors Courses

Calvert’s accredited, academically rigorous high school courses are reflective of the highest international standards. Whether your child is craving a greater academic challenge, is struggling in a typical high school environment, or requires a flexible schedule in order to pursue other interests, Calvert’s online high school program provides students with the tools they need to succeed. Calvert’s Advisory Teachers provide additional support, grading and transcript services.


Save 20% when you enroll in Calvert Academy High School

Calvert Academy is an accredited, online private school for High School students. This complete, diploma-granting program combines the flexibility of at-home learning with a rigorous academic curriculum.


Calvert is quite simply the BEST curriculum available. This is our third year with Calvert, and we’ve been so happy we made this choice. I researched a lot before selecting Calvert. The organization, resources, learning approaches, and flexibility make every day run smoothly. Plus, I love that the Education Counselors are available when I have questions or need support.

— Loriel B., Calvert Mom