Questions About Calvert?

Is a virtual education right for my child?

For a variety of reasons, many students do not do their best in a traditional school classroom. In addition, many families may prefer their students be educated outside of the local school. A virtual education can be an excellent option when parents (or other caregivers) do not want a traditional classroom experience, and are willing to take the time to guide their child’s learning.

Do I have to have teaching experience to teach my child?

No. Calvert’s step-by-step learning manuals, comprehensive printed and online materials, and outstanding support by experienced teachers help any parent or caregiver become an effective Learning Guide. We provide tips, strategies and answers to help turn adults into great teachers.

What’s the difference between homeschooling and virtual public schools?

Homeschooling places all of the responsibility and decision-making on the family: you decide what curriculum to use and how, where and when to teach your child. You will generally be responsible for paying for the curriculum as well. A virtual public school is a tuition-free homeschool option offered in many states, with support by public school teachers and counselors, typically using a more structured approach.

How much time do I have to spend each day educating my child?

To be successful (and meet most state requirements), homeschooling requires a five-day-a-week schedule similar to the time spent in a traditional classroom. Unlike a traditional school, however, the schedule can vary every day, based on family schedules and the student’s mastery of that day’s lessons. And, unlike traditional schools, a homeschool program can be incorporated into vacation and other times. However, many families report that homeschooling is a more efficient use of time than attending a traditional school and, of course, there is no separate homework time.

How can I save money on homeschooling?

As a non-profit, Calvert offers several discounts to help make a high quality Calvert education more affordable for families. All families can save 5% on their Calvert purchase by attending a free, one-hour, online information session before purchasing. In addition, we offer discounts for military families and families who are using the Calvert curriculum for more than one child. We also offer pre-enrollment discounts at certain times of the year. For more information, please visit our Purchasing Page and our Seminar Page.

How can Calvert help my child with dyslexia or another language-based learning difficulty, or students who struggle with reading, writing, spelling and math?

For those students, Calvert offers the Verticy Learning program. Developed in partnership with the world-renowned Jemicy School, Verticy Learning is a research-based program that helps each child learn in the way that works best for him/her. Using the Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory approach, children learn each concept by using sight, hearing, touch and movement, to that each skill and concept is processed by the brain in several ways for more effective learning. Research shows that Verticy works to significantly improve reading levels, and a student’s ability to read independently, by as much as 2–3 grade levels. A study completed in 2011 showed that the more a student lagged behind, the more Verticy Learning could benefit that student.

What does Calvert offer for families who want to help their children after school and on weekends?

Calvert has enrichment courses in a variety of subjects designed for after-school and weekend use to extend learning beyond the classroom. We also offer the Verticy Learning program for students who need extra help and support in reading, writing, spelling or math outside of the classroom.

Where can I find the answers to other questions?

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