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With colorful read-aloud texts, fun projects, and interactive online learning, our Kindergarten curriculum draws you and your child together into a vibrant homeschooling experience.

Designed to develop the foundational skills your child will need in 1st Grade, our program weaves reading and writing instruction and practice throughout the curriculum.

Using our integrated approach, you’ll help your child develop critical thinking skills for reading while learning phonics skills such as rhyming and word patterns in context. These skills will be further reinforced as he/she begins to learn formal printing skills.

Together, we’ll also help your child get off to a confident start with numbers. Using the research-based Singapore Math Method, our Kindergarten math course will help your child develop strong number sense, mental math, and problem-solving skills. Perhaps most importantly, these lessons make learning Math fun!

Designed to help parents meet common state homeschooling requirements, each year-long course consists of 18-25 lessons and 160-180 days of instruction.

Get Everything You Need to Homeschool Your Kindergartener

Our comprehensive Kindergarten homeschool program includes everything you need to successfully educate your child at home:

  • Step-by-step lesson plans and manuals to guide you.
  • Engaging, colorful texts and digital resources from top education publishers.
  • An online learning platform, the Calvert Teaching Navigator, that provides 24/7 access to texts, manuals, interactive activities, assessments and progress tracking tools, and more.
  • Free, unlimited Teacher Support for help with curriculum questions, alternative teaching approaches, and keeping students on-track.

If you want more instructional support, Calvert offers Advisory Teaching Services.

To help you meet your states’ homeschooling reporting requirements, our Lesson Manuals detail how each unit and lesson aligns with common national and state standards. Our Calvert Teaching Navigator enables you to track attendance and progress.

Choose the Format that Fits Your Needs

Kindergarten is available in our Digital + Print Experience or in our new, more affordable Digital Experience. With our Digital + Print Experience, you’ll have access to online lessons with multimedia, interactive activities and assessments IN ADDITION to printed textbooks, workbooks and kits that complement learning. With our Digital Experience, you’ll have access to the same texts and materials via e-textbooks and digital downloads.

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Discover What Your Child Will Learn In Kindergarten:

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    Physical Education

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My son missed the public school Kindergarten cut-off date by two weeks, so we enrolled with Calvert temporarily. Four years later, we’re still with Calvert.  My son is testing years ahead of his peers and I could not imagine a better curriculum.  We plan to continue with Calvert through High School.

— Heather B., Calvert Mom