Verticy for Struggling Students

Research-based teaching strategies rekindle your child's love of learning.

Built on the simple premise that children who learn differently should be taught differently, the Verticy Learning program was created specifically for students who are struggling with reading, spelling, or writing for a variety of reasons including dyslexia or other learning disabilities.

Available as a supplemental English Language Arts course, or as a complete homeschool curriculum combined with Calvert Core Courses (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Electives), the Verticy Learning program will help your child develop academic confidence and re-kindle their love of learning.



Individualized Learning

The Verticy Learning program is custom-tailored for your child. Learning builds on what your child already knows and progresses to new skills and concepts. With Verticy, children avoid the frustration of being too far behind or the boredom of being ahead.

Self-Paced Instruction

Because of the one-on-one instruction, you and your child control the pace of learning. Together, you may decide to accelerate the pace in some areas and to focus more attention on subjects requiring additional review or remediation.

Multisensory Instruction in a Variety of Voices

Based on Orton-Gillingham teaching methodologies, the gold standard in dyslexia instruction, your child will experience a combination of multisensory instructional strategies and interactive online resources to develop reading, writing, spelling, and organizational skills. Your student will benefit by receiving information from a variety of voices including: in the home by a parent or tutor; multimedia online content such as instructional videos; and by hearing literature selections that are “read” by an online tool.


Verticy English Language Arts Courses

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The Verticy program has changed my child’s life. He now has confidence in himself, and a love for learning new things. THANK YOU VERTICY!! You have saved a child’s mind and given him the ability to grow.

— Alison S., Calvert Mom