Guide to Homeschooling Success

ti-middle-bgCalvert Homeschool™ is pleased to present you with our Free Guide To Homeschooling Success, which contains valuable insights and advice gleaned from more than a century of homeschooling experience. Calvert has helped parents educate more than 600,000 students. We work every day to help families succeed, with our fully accredited, flexible PreK–12 curriculum and unparalleled support.

The guide shares the seven key elements to a successful homeschool experience, including:

  • The 6 key support elements you need to succeed
  • Links to your State’s requirements
  • Tips on setting your home learning environment
  • Our 9-point homeschool curriculum checklist

Whatever your reason for turning to the homeschool option, we believe you’ll find Calvert’s Keys To Homeschooling Success to be a most helpful guide.

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