Homeschooling Resources

Welcome! Homeschooling is an exciting journey, and we will be with you every step of the way. These resources will help you navigate the state requirements and access local support groups.

Homeschooling Regulatory Information

The link below may help you with legal questions about homeschooling in your state.

Maryland State Department of Education

Calvert’s ATS Program: Peace of Mind for Maryland Families

Enroll your student in our Advisory Teaching Service (ATS) program and we’ll take care of the paperwork! Approved by the Maryland State Department of Education, our ATS program will provide you with peace of mind:

  • We’ll take care of all of your Maryland homeschool reporting requirements.
  • No need for quarterly portfolio reviews with your county.
  • Your student’s ATS teacher will grade assessments and evaluate your student’s work in all subjects, allowing you to focus on daily instruction and oversight.
  • Your student’s ATS teacher will provide detailed feedback on assessments and encourage your student to do his or her best work with personalized responses.

Maryland Homeschool Support Groups

Homeschool support groups in your state are an excellent way to gain more assistance and guidance in your homeschooling endeavors. A regional support group fosters a wonderful sense of community among homeschooling families and allows for more opportunities to exchange ideas, plan group outings, and share in the overall experience of homeschooling! While Calvert supports the development of community among homeschooling families, this list does not constitute affiliation between Calvert Education and the groups represented below.


MACHE exists to support the Christian homeschooling families and support group leaders in the state of Maryland. We provide a quarterly newsletter to member families and groups, provide a discount for membership in the Home School Legal Defense Association, and we host an annual curriculum fair, symposiums, workshops, and other events.

MACHE also coordinates with the Maryland State Department of Education, giving input and advice to them on issues that relate to homeschooling in the state of Maryland. We also monitor the Maryland state legislature to ensure that our freedoms to teach at home are not compromised. Our board of directors works diligently to make sure that homeschooling in Maryland continues to be a positive experience.


MHEA was founded in 1980 to serve and support families of all religious, philosophical, and ethnic persuasions. MHEA works for all homeschoolers—members and nonmembers alike.


MHRN was designed with the intent to bring together ideas and resources, in the pursuit of the common goal of home-based learning that would benefit and unify all in the homeschool community of Maryland.


The Southern Maryland Homeschool Network mission is to provide inspiration and assistance to homeschooling families and to work to create a better homeschooling environment in our state of Maryland.