What’s New for 2018/19

A More Engaging, Easier and More Affordable Homeschooling Experience

Based on extensive feedback from families, we’ve dramatically improved the homeschooling experience with new courses, helpful new resources, and a more affordable format option.

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Improvements for 2018/19 Include:

  • An easier and more intuitive design for our online curriculum
  • More interactive multi-media resources, including skills-building games, videos, quizzes, and virtual labs
  • New electives for Middle School and High School
  • Advanced Placement courses for High School
  • A teaching framework with more engaging projects that challenge students to apply what they learn in deeper, more meaningful ways
  • Assessments, quick checks, and grading rubrics built right into the online curriculum
  • New features to track your child’s performance and progress
  • Print-on-demand features
  • An enhanced, dedicated support website that puts our tools and resources at your fingertips
  • Record attendance and hours of instruction (to meet your state’s homeschool reporting requirements)

We’ve kept the favorites loved by homeschooling families:

  • Daily lesson plans
  • Step-by-step Lesson Manuals
  • Texts from leading education publishers
  • Worksheets and activities to support deep learning
  • Unlimited support from caring, certified educators

Introducing a More Affordable Digital Option

Calvert’s curriculum is now available in a lower-cost, digital-only format. The same quality texts and materials are provided via e-textbooks and digital downloads. We’ll continue to make our traditional combined print/online format available to families who prefer it. With our Digital + Print format, you’ll receive printed textbooks, workbooks, and kits as well as access to online activities and materials.


What’s Changed and What Hasn’t

Explore the chart below. For more information, call one of Calvert’s Enrollment Advisors at 1-888-487-4652 Option 1.

Calvert's 2018 curriculum has more features built for homeschooling families than ever before

For more information, speak to a Calvert Enrollment Advisor at 1-888-487-4652 Option 1.

This is our 3rd year with Calvert and we are loving the new curriculum. The first few days were a little challenging while we adjusted to the new format but both my girls find the new curriculum more engaging and interesting. They like the projects and are very enthusiastic about the school year.

— Johanny T., Calvert Mom of 3