International Students

High quality, American education for children around the world

Many international families around the world seek a U.S. based education for their students. This is especially true for students who desire a high-quality education and wish to attain the knowledge and skills they will need for admission to American colleges and universities.

For over 100 years, Calvert has educated thousands of international students in over 90 countries. Through Calvert’s online learning platform, students from all over the world have access to a fully accredited U.S. education, complete with an advanced curriculum and support.

What Does Calvert Provide for International Students?

  • Education that meets or exceeds U.S. state and national guidelines.
  • Program flexibility that allows students to proceed at their own pace.
  • FREE, online placement tests to ensure your child’s success. Call us for access.
  • Free, unlimited, academic and homeschool support from our experienced Education Counselors.
  • Lesson Manuals with complete daily lesson plans and instructions.
  • Choice of Digital + Print Experience or our new, more affordable Digital Experience.
  • Planning and progress tracking through the Calvert Teaching Navigator.
  • Students can earn an accredited U.S. high school diploma, valid for college admissions.

Calvert’s Flexible Program Options

We understand that every student has unique circumstances. That’s why we offer a variety of flexible program options. With Calvert, parents and students can select the programs that best meet the student’s needs and receive unlimited support throughout the child’s educational experience.

Our programs include:

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I’m grateful for Calvert’s Education Counselors and customer service. Our family has used Calvert in the UK, US and Middle East. We love the content of your programs and the welcoming, knowledgeable and approachable response we get from Calvert staff.

I love that we can mix and blend levels and that your staff take such care in helping source the right level. Calvert programs are strong, but the passion of your staff truly sets Calvert apart. Thanks, Calvert!

— Lorna W., Calvert Mom