At Calvert, we understand that each family’s needs are different. That’s why we offer the option of enrolling in a complete grade-level curriculum package, individual courses to supplement a traditional school or homeschool curriculum, or in our full-time online private school, the Calvert Academy. We also offer Verticy for families of dyslexic students and those who struggle with reading, writing, or spelling.

To make Calvert more accessible, we provide a variety of payment plans and discounts, including family and military discounts, as well as financial aid to families who demonstrate financial need.

Pre-K through 8th Grade Tuition

Complete Homeschool Curriculum Complete Homeschool Curriculum
w/ Advisory Teaching Service
Pre-K $450 ——
K $1150 $1680
1st Grade $1460 $1990
2nd Grade $1460 $1990
3rd Grade $1460 $2040
4th Grade $1460 $2040
5th Grade $1460 $2040
6th Grade $1700 $2390
7th Grade $1700 $2390
8th Grade $1700 $2390
All of Calvert’s K–8 individual courses are priced at $349 per course.
Please call (888) 487-4652 to enroll in these courses.
See our course catalog for full grade-level course descriptions.

High School Tuition

Classic Curriculum
w/ Advisory Teaching Service
Calvert Academy
Online Private School
Individual Courses $379
per course
per semester
per course
per semester
Bundled Course Rate
per year
per year
Bundled Course Rate Includes: 4 core courses plus 2 electives per semester; 12 courses per year

Verticy Learning Tuition

Verticy Complete
Homeschool Curriculum
Verticy Complete
w/Advisory Teaching Service
Grade 3 $1,760 $2,570
Grade 4 $1,760 $2,570
Grade 5 $1,760 $2,570
Grade 6 $1,860 $2,760
Grade 7 $1,860 $2,760
Grade 8 $1,860 $2,760
Verticy Reading Course
Phonics/Spelling Course
Orange, Yellow, & Green Levels $349 ——
Red Level $349 ——
Verticy Writing
Grammar/Composition Course
Orange, Yellow & Green Levels $349 ——
Red Level $349 ——
Verticy Literature
Grades 3-5 $349 ——
Grades 6-8 $349 ——
Verticy Math
Includes Verticy Math Companion*
Grades 3-5 $349 ——
Grades 6-8 $349 ——
Kurzweil Software, an optional text-to-speech and study skills software, can be purchased for $550.

*Prices subject to change

Payment Plans

Designed to help assist you in budgeting for your child’s education, Calvert payment plans may be used for grade-level complete curriculum, Advisory Teaching Service fees, individual courses, or any combination of the above.

Your initial payment equals a nonrefundable administrative fee of 5.5% of the total cost plus 25% of the total cost of curriculum with monthly installments thereafter. (The deposit percentage is applied to course materials and services such as Advisory Teaching Service.)

The use of a major credit card is required, and your account will automatically be charged the remaining payments each month. For course purchases without Advisory Teaching Service, remaining payments are extended over six months. For course purchases with Advisory Teaching Service, remaining payments are extended over nine months.

For more information on Payment Plan options or to get a price quote, please call (888) 487‑4652.

Military & Family Discounts

Special discounts are available to military families and families with multiple Calvert students.  Learn more.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available to a limited number of families each year.  Learn more.

K-8 Online Resource Extensions

Running out of time? If your student does not finish coursework within 13 months of purchase, you may request an extension for online access. Choose a 3-month ($49) or a 6‑month ($99) extension. Restrictions may apply.

Please call (888) 487-4652 to request your online resource extension.


Tuition and fees include free standard shipping on all grade level courses in the Continental U.S.  Additional charges apply for AK, HI, PR, and international shipments.
If you’d like a shipping quote for an international or expedited order, please call (888) 487‑4652.

K-8 Incomplete Course Shipment

Customers have 30 days from receipt of shipment to identify any missing materials and notify Calvert Education in order to receive reshipment at no charge.


Refunds are available for complete and unused courses returned within 30 days of receipt by the customer for a full credit less 18% return processing fee. This includes Advisory Teaching Services. After 30 days from the date of delivery, no refund is available for either course return or Advisory Teaching Service cancellation. Courses returned in damaged or used condition will be assessed a 50% return processing fee. Learn more.

As a husband, and the one that really researched it to make sure my wife and my son had a pleasant experience, I can tell you directly that Calvert is one of the best priced and best made options out there. Look at private schools, talk about sticker shock.

Compared to other similar price range curriculum, Calvert is one of the best options. Calvert makes it easy and fun. We just got our 7 year old’s nationally normed test scores back last month and he tested right at a 6th grade level (averaged as his reading was over 9th grade level), all thanks to my wife and Calvert. And this wasn’t even a paid advertisement!

— Luther B., Calvert Dad