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Calvert Academy™ High School Prepares You for College, Career, and Life

High-Quality, Flexible Private High School at Home

Our online, flexible High School combines strong academics and career readiness skills. Calvert’s accredited courses reflect the highest international standards covering a wide range of subjects, from math and language arts to business and digital arts. Our mission is to create critical thinkers who can take their learnings beyond our high school learning environment.

Calvert Academy High School is an excellent option for students who:

  • Are looking for greater academic challenge.
  • Want to learn outside the traditional high school classroom.
  • Desire a more flexible learning schedule and portability.
  • Want to supplement their studies with specific courses.


Two Ways to Learn

Independent Study

The independent study option provides extensive flexibility and self-sufficiency for homeschooling families. You can start courses at any time during the year and learn on a self-paced schedule. Take one course, a full course load, or anything in between. Students work independently at home with daily help from an in-home learning guide, usually a parent. All courses are supported by teachers who provide grading, feedback, and academic advising through asynchronous communication, such as email.

Teacher Led

The teacher led option is our complete online high school experience that offers flexibility with more structure and support. You can take a single course or a full course load. The program operates on a traditional school calendar, allowing for greater collaboration between the student, teachers, and peers. Parents play a supporting role, helping keep students focused on their studies. Instruction and tutoring are provided by certified teachers via live, online classroom and by phone. Academic guidance is provided throughout the year to help students set goals and measure performance.

A Wide Variety of Courses

Our high school curriculum includes a variety of courses, allowing students to select classes that support their academic and career goals:

  • Advanced Math courses include Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus.
  • English courses that cover literary analysis, critical thinking skills, essay-writing and research reports, and comprehensive studies of various styles of prose.
  • Advanced Science courses covering topics such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Social Studies courses that include U.S. History, World History, Civics & Government, and Human Geography.
  • Honors, AP® courses, World Language courses, Electives, and student clubs are also available.

Download our High School Program Guide, which includes detailed descriptions for all of Calvert Academy’s high school courses.

Courses Approved for NCAA Athletes

Calvert Academy offers a selection of high school courses that are approved by the NCAA and can be used for NCAA athletic eligibility. For more information and a listing of eligible courses, please visit the NCAA Eligibility Site and use CEEB code 210712.

Enroll in Calvert Academy High School

To begin the admissions process, parents or legal guardians must complete an online high school application. An essay and prior school documentation will be required during the application process. To determine admission status and placement, Calvert will review the essay, prior school documentation, and the results of the i-Ready placement diagnostic which will be provided to you by Calvert. Students who meet Calvert’s graduation requirements may also be eligible to receive a U.S. High School diploma. To find out more about these requirements, visit our U.S. High School Diploma page.




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This is our first year with Calvert High School… So we are learning the system with the help of the teachers, everything is going well. You guys have a great support team.

— JR Singleton, Calvert High School Family