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Your Homeschool Year In Review

Reflect on the year with our helpful list!     Stay Positive As you look back on your past few months of homeschooling, focus on the positive aspects. Take a moment to make a mental list of your accomplishments thus far as a homeschooling parent. What have you done well? What challenges have you overcome? […]

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Overcoming Common Homeschooling Challenges

While homeschooling has a great number of benefits, every homeschooling family will face challenges along the way. That’s why Calvert offers FREE support and advice from our experienced Education Counselors. Available by phone, email, or online chat, Calvert’s Education Counselors are available to help you with educational questions and to offer practical homeschooling advice, tips, […]

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Bringing Lessons to Life with Many Modes of Interaction

4th grade offers exciting learning opportunities

Our brains are wired to find the combination of words, images, and action intrinsically more interesting than words alone. When multimedia is used effectively in education, learning becomes more engaging. Students become more motivated to work through lessons, and simply learn more. Careful Curation of Multimedia – The Most Engaging Content for Each Course and […]

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Empowering Independent Thinkers and Learners

Today, it’s more important than ever for students to become independent thinkers and self-directed learners. In tomorrow’s workplace, they’ll be expected to learn-on-the-go in order to solve problems we can only imagine today. To help them meet those future challenges, we’ve redesigned our curriculum—giving students progressively more responsibility for their learning as they advance through […]

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Developing Creative Problem-Solving Skills

It’s no secret. Children are natural, creative problem-solvers. From solving puzzles today to dismantling your computer tomorrow, it’s how they learn about the world around them – and have fun! Yet 90% of educators surveyed in a recent multi-national study say schools don’t do enough to integrate creative problem-solving into curricula. And employers routinely complain […]

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Calvert Excellence: Re‑imagined for the Digital Age

Technology is transforming the world we live in, presenting opportunities to learn in ways previously unimaginable. At Calvert, we’re harnessing that technology to make our internationally-renowned curriculum more relevant and engaging than ever before. It’s Calvert reimagined for the Digital Age.     Creating a Multi‑Dimensional Experience — Online and Offline In creating this new […]

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Inspire Learning on your Vacation

Mother and child reading a map on vacation

Summer is a time to relax, enjoy the beautiful weather, and spend time with your family.  Many families, including those that homeschool, take time off from formal schooling during the summer months.  Just because you are taking a break from organized lessons doesn’t mean that learning has to come to a halt.  Even when you […]

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Congratulations to our 2018 Calvert Academy High School Graduates!

Graduates throwing caps in the air

On Friday, June 15, we had the pleasure of honoring Calvert Academy High School graduates from around the world. Accepted to more than 25 universities in the U.S. and abroad, with many full and partial merit scholarships, these graduates have bright futures ahead. In the words of Calvert CEO Steve Gross, “You’ve charted a different […]

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Top 10 Ways Homeschoolers Can Cure Classroom Boredom

  Classroom boredom can strike at any time. For homeschoolers, boredom can impact parent teachers, as well as students. When there is a feeling of boredom or disconnectedness, the ability to teach or learn is greatly diminished. Therefore, the first step is to recognize that you or your students are not engaged with your current […]

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Motivating Your Homeschool Student

  The homeschool year can seem like running a marathon. You’ve trained, you’ve stretched, you’ve started running, you’re keeping up pace, and then, just before you reach the finish line, your motivation starts to dwindle… If your student is showing signs of decreased motivation, especially as spring weather draws near, be sure to address the […]

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