US High School Diploma

The foundation you need to launch your college journey

Calvert Academy DiplomaCalvert provides a High School curriculum that prepares students for the rigors of college and university study, as well as future success in the job market. Our fully accredited Calvert Academy™ High School diploma program is designed to give all Calvert students a quality foundation of knowledge, as well as a diverse selection of electives and World Languages to expand one’s horizon.

How You Can Earn Your High School Diploma Online

With Calvert, you can earn your High School diploma online. Calvert requires 24 credits to receive a diploma and graduate High School. Each full-year course earns one full credit.

Language Arts: 4 credits
Math: 3 credits
Science: 3 credits
Social Studies: 3 credits
Electives: 8 credits*
Fine Arts: 1 credit
Health/Physical Education: 1 credit
Technology: 1 credit

Total required credits: 24

Specific Core Courses and community service hours are required for graduation. Honors diploma available — Call 877-789-2766 to speak with Calvert Academy staff for details.
* World Language, additional Math, Science, History and/or Advanced Placement courses can be taken to meet this requirement. Four years of all core courses and two consecutive years of the same World Language are recommended for students who wish to attend a four-year college in the United States.

High School Credit Transfer Policy
Calvert Academy High School will transfer credits from another educational institution. Calvert will transfer in a maximum of 18 credits. Students will need to earn six credits with Calvert to earn its diploma.

International Transcripts will be sent out for independent review by an established 3rd party evaluation service to determine the U.S credit equivalents and transferability to Calvert Academy High School. (fees may apply)

Credits awarded as transfer credit must be earned after completion of 8th grade, with the following exceptions:

  • Up to 2 credits of Math at Algebra 1 (High School equivalent) or higher taken prior to completion of 8th Grade may be awarded upon receipt of an official transcript/school record.
  • Up to 2 credits of World Language (High School equivalent) taken prior to completion of 8th Grade may be awarded upon receipt of an official transcript/school record.

Limitations applied to all transfer credits:

  • ESL and academic support course credits will be applied towards the elective requirement.

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