Success Stories

Take a look at Calvert and you’ll find an impressive list of families and alumni. Over the course of our history, we have had the privilege of educating hundreds of thousands of students who have grown up to be incredible adults. Among so many others, President Barack Obama, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Pulitzer prize winning novelist Pearl S. Buck, and political commentator William F. Buckley, Jr. were at one time or another all Calvert students.

Would you like to share your Calvert Success Story? If you’re a Calvert parent, student, or alumni, we’d love to hear from you! Fill out this form and tell us more about your experiences with Calvert!  Also, be sure to share your students’ accomplishments, awards, and achievements pertaining to academics and/ or extra-curricular activities.

The flexibility and quality of Calvert fits the lifestyles of many different types of families and students. We are so proud of our Calvert families, students, and alumni. Here are some of their stories.

Darien is fitting right into the public school curriculum after homeschooling for 7 years and is near the top of his class with his grades. We are very proud of his accomplishments thus far. His dad and I agree Darien is a product of Calvert Academy. I was able to use their program and schedule to keep him on track and routine in his work.

By the way, did I mention that Darien has done this with several learning disabilities?

— Kim T., Calvert Academy Mom

I love the flexibility I have with Calvert. I was able to play baseball at a high level and make a national swim meet at the same time! Thanks to Calvert I also still have plenty of time to do schoolwork.

— Harrison N., Calvert Middle School Student

Eight years ago we began our Calvert homeschool journey and now we’re done as in the fall Jaiden begins her public high school journey at Baltimore School for the Arts. Jaiden has been complimented on her organizational skills, focus and level of maturity…Calvert did that. A great big Thank You to Calvert Education Services and their Education Counselors, especially Martha Cole, who spoke to me that first day and assured me that I could do it!! We are confident that the strong foundation acquired from Calvert’s curriculum will propel Jaiden into greatness. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

— Colleen H., Calvert Mom

My son loves reading the positive and encouraging comments his advisory teacher adds to each of his tests. I love the peace of mind knowing that we have transcripts for each completed grade level and that a teacher has reviewed his work.

— Patricia D., Calvert Mom

We used Calvert for K-8. It provided the most solid foundation anyone could ask for! My girls homeschooled through HS as well, took the SAT once and scored high enough for direct acceptance into the Honors Program at their first choice school (with full tuition scholarships.) One is in grad school now and the other just took the GRE to apply for admission. Both scored above the 90th percentile on the writing portion. If you want your child to be well educated – choose Calvert!

— Becci R., Calvert Mom

The ATS (Advisory Teaching Service) teachers grading his work show him no bias the way I would have, so that was a nice wake-up call for him. The education counselors were able to help when we had questions with the curriculum. The curriculum team has done such a fantastic job of putting these grade packages together, that Darien was able to integrate right into the top of his [public brick and mortar school] class with no problems. He has no gaps in his education. Calvert has done wonders for us.

— Kim T., Calvert Mom

We are new to homeschool/Calvert this year (4th grade, using the Advisory Teaching Service.) We submitted our first test (Lesson 20) on Tuesday, and received it back Thursday night. *Thrilled* with the grading, comments, and outstanding teacher feedback! I feel like we’re off to a great start!

— Anne B., Calvert Mom

“This is our first year with Calvert High School with ATS… So we are learning the system with the help of the teachers, everything is going well. You guys have a great support team.”

— JR Singleton, Calvert High School Family

“Choosing Calvert is truly the best decision I ever made. The program is well-balanced, strong, and very easy for a parent to follow. My son’s confidence level is soaring and he’s actually enjoying school again! We plan to continue with Calvert through high school.”

— Lauren K., Calvert Mom

“Just another reason to love Calvert! This is a part of my son’s reading assignment for today. He, too, has Autism and to see kids like him represented in his curriculum is a tremendous blessing. He had a huge smile on his face as we read this together. Thanks to Calvert he is really enjoying school this year.”

— Meg N., Calvert Mom

“Calvert is quite simply the BEST curriculum available. This is our third year with Calvert, and we’ve been so happy we made this choice. I researched a lot before selecting Calvert. The organization, resources, learning approaches, and flexibility make every day run smoothly. Plus, I love that the Education Counselors are available when I have questions or need support.”

— Loriel B., Calvert Mom

“I talked with my friends – both in the U.S. and expats – who are homeschooling, reviewed all of the programs they were using and studied a wide range of curricula because I am not an educator and did not want any holes in my children’s education. After several months of research, I called the state of Maryland and the U.S. Embassy in Belgium and asked them for recommendations.

We settled on Calvert Education because they answered all of my questions to my satisfaction and I could really make sense of it. I was especially thorough because when you are responsible for teaching three kids at once you need the best support you can get.”

— Christi O., Calvert Mom