Homeschooling Support

Calvert is here to support you
every step of theway

At Calvert, we understand the importance of having the homeschooling support you need when you need it. When you and your child are accompanied on the educational journey with Calvert, you not only receive a companion, but also a mentor who is ready to provide you with a complete toolkit and directional support.

The very hallmark of a Calvert experience is the high level of personal service you receive with every course. Whether you contact an Education Counselor, an Enrollment Advisor, or Technology Support, you will be connected with a reassuring voice, ready to help you on your homeschooling journey.

Your success as a teacher and our success as an educator are linked, and that is why we do everything we can to empower you from the first time you contact us to the completion of your child’s courses with Calvert.

Homeschooling Support Tools to Ensure You and Your Child Succeed

Calvert Teaching Navigator – An easy-to-use online management tool to plan your schedule, track progress, and more.

Lesson Manuals – With complete daily plans for all subjects, these indispensable manuals provide detailed, step-by-step instructions to enable you to successfully teach your child.

Support From Teachers – Our team of highly trained and certified professional educators are here to help you and your child every step of the way!

Advisory Teaching Service – This service begins a partnership that will reinforce and support your family’s homeschool journey and provides a certificate of completion and transcript upon completion.

Videos – Looking for educational support? Check out these videos created by Calvert’s own Education Counselors.

Join the Calvert Community – Our vibrant and supportive community is eager to help you throughout your homeschooling journey. Join the Calvert Family today!

Online Resources – These online resources are integrated into our curriculum – at no additional cost – to provide your child a dynamic, fun, and enriching learning experience.

State Resources – Find state-specific homeschooling regulations and connect with homeschool support groups in your area.

I was very anxious about homeschooling my child for the first time. After I called and spoke with a Calvert Education Counselor, I felt SO much better! The counselors have given me a lot of advice and support over the years and I’m very grateful for their help.

— Janelle M., Calvert Mom