Get a Calvert education in your state

There are several ways you and your child can get the benefits of Calvert’s flexible, comprehensive, accredited curriculum in your state.

Virtual Public Schools

Calvert partners with public school districts in Ohio to provide a flexible, online school option for students across the state.

  • Quaker Digital Academy
    Committed to academic excellence, Quaker Digital Academy provides a cutting edge, research-based, tuition-free curriculum as an alternative to students who learn more effectively outside of a traditional classroom, so that they may have the freedom to learn from anywhere in their own way.
    Inspiring minds, engaging students and families, OHDELA offers a state-of-the-art, tuition-free, virtual education so that families may be thoroughly involved in their child’s education.

Calvert Homeschool

A homeschool pioneer — we began providing courses for home study in 1906 — Calvert has both a full curriculum and enrichment courses for grades pre-K–8. Calvert's homeschool program features:

  • Step-by-step lesson manuals
  • Support from experienced teaching professionals

Calvert Virtual Academy

Calvert Virtual Academy is a premier instructional support program for middle school students, grades 6–8. Using the latest online instructional tools, Calvert students develop 21st Century collaborative skills, all with Calvert's legendary support.

Verticy Learning

Verticy Learning is a specialized program for children in grades 3–8 with dyslexia, other language-based learning difficulties or any student who struggles with reading, writing, spelling or math. Program options include a full homeschool curriculum, or after school and weekend enrichments.