Qualified Teachers & Faculty

The Calvert Academy faculty offers proven teaching excellence and one-on-one instruction. All teachers at Calvert Academy have a degree or certification in the fields they teach.

Live Teacher Support

Our teachers talk directly with students or parents via phone, email, and online meetings. Students also attend online lessons with real-time instruction and interaction with teachers and other students.

When you enroll at Calvert Academy, your student receives an individualized learning plan based on the student’s goals, current academic standing, and style of learning. A personalized academic support team of teachers, advisors, and counselors is then selected to ensure your student has a strong foundation for achievement. Pinpointing your student’s current academic situation, we create a lesson plan structure with the help of placement tests that center on what your student really needs to learn to graduate.  LEARN MORE»

Our qualified teachers and staff maintain various essential records so that you can relax and enjoy the benefits of our K-12 virtual learning program, like learning anytime, anywhere and total teacher support. Your student’s records are updated on a regular basis and can be requested by parents at any time. Because online learning requirements vary by state, the staff from our online academy provides you with every type of record needed to meet laws or regulations. Calvert also keeps official high school transcripts.  LEARN MORE»

Like a stamp of excellence, our accreditation means your student is receiving rigorous academics and the highest quality education possible. Our students aim high. That’s why we’re not surprised at all that Calvert Academy graduates are going from our academy to the hallways of the best brick-and-mortar colleges and universities in the nation and the world. In fact, our online academy graduates have attended many institutes of higher learning, and that list continues to grow each year!  LEARN MORE»

Invest in Your Child’s Future

Calvert Academy’s tuition for full time enrollment is much less than tuition that you would expect to pay at a traditional private school. Full time enrollment with full teacher support offers all the benefits of private schooling in the privacy of your own home at less than half of what you can expect to pay in a traditional setting. LEARN MORE»

Calvert Academy
Grades 3-8

K-2 Coming Soon!
Core Tuition Bundle
Math, Language Arts,
Geography & History, Science
$229/mo. or $1832/yr. SAVE $458
Individual Courses
$299/sem. or $598/yr.
Grades 9-12

Core Tuition Bundle
Math, Language Arts, Science, Geography & History, 2 Electives
$349/mo. or $2792/yr. SAVE $698
Individual Courses
$349/sem. or $649/yr.

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Talk with one of our friendly education specialists at a time that’s convenient for you. It’s free and informative. Plus, there’s no pressure. Ask anything you want, and we’ll help by giving you a quick intro to the benefits we offer you and your student.

Courses and Electives

Choose from full-time or individual course enrollment in nearly 200 courses, including over 75 high school electives that create depth and offer variety to general subjects.


Although Calvert Academy is an online academy, we know the tradition of graduation is a life event to enjoy. Bringing together Calvert Academy families and graduates, graduation ceremonies are live events.

Families Love Calvert Academy

We often hear from families about the difference Calvert has made in their student’s lives. From our engaging curriculum to the personal support, hear what families say. See More »

Your Individualized Learning Plan

You will receive an individualized learning plan based on your goals, current academic standing, and style of learning. A personalized academic support team of teachers, advisors, and counselors is then selected to build a strong foundation for achievement.

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Full Accreditation

Accredited regionally by NCA CASI of AdvancED, Calvert Academy has earned the highest educational standards for excellence, which help your student when applying at a college or university.

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Offering significant savings over traditional private schooling, Calvert Academy offers full-time enrollment for less than $5,000/year. You can’t beat the value of a private education at Calvert Academy. Invest in your child's future today!

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Find the right balance between your child’s busy schedule and school with Calvert Academy! We know every student’s life is different. That’s why we work with you to create your own calendar and offer access to lessons at any time of the day.

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