Calvert understands the unique challenges that homeschooling families face. You may feel a lack of support in your community or struggle when balancing homeschool lessons with household or work responsibilities. You may feel challenged by educating multiple children at once or feel frustrated when dealing with behavioral or motivational issues. At times, you may question your decision to homeschool, have concerns about gaps in your child’s education, or wonder how you will ever teach advanced math or science concepts. Calvert is here to help you.

What Does Calvert Provide for Homeschoolers?

  • Free, unlimited, academic and homeschool support from our experienced Education Counselors.
  • Practical advice, tips, and ideas to support you throughout your homeschooling journey.
  • High-quality, flexible education options.
  • Lesson Manuals with complete daily lesson plans and instructions.
  • Choice of traditional combined print/online format (Traditional) or our new, more affordable digital-only format (Digital).
  • Planning and progress tracking through the Calvert Teaching Navigator.
  • Integrated hands-on learning materials.
  • A passionate and supportive community.
  • FREE, online placement tests to ensure your child’s success. Call us for access.

Learn about our special discounts for multi-child homeschooling families and military families.

Calvert’s Flexible Program Options

We understand that every student has unique circumstances. That’s why we offer a variety of flexible program options. With Calvert, parents and students can select the programs that best meet the student’s needs and receive unlimited support throughout the child’s educational experience.

Our programs include:

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The public school curriculum does not even begin to compare to Calvert curriculum. Growing up, I went to a very prestigious K-8 private school. This is the only curriculum I have found comparable to that school, short of moving to the town I grew up in. Once you start doing it, it feels like such a relief. I know I am doing the right thing for my child’s future.

— Candace K., Calvert Mom