Military Families and Families Living Overseas

High quality education and academic support that travels with your student

There is nothing more challenging to a family than relocation. Families that relocate frequently because of military or government service or international job assignments are looking for education and support that is reliable, consistent and of the highest quality. Calvert’s program options and support services are designed to ensure that a child’s learning and support network can easily relocate with them.

Diplomatic Service and Military Families

Military families, as well as those who have foreign service or diplomatic positions within the U.S. government, often have to cope with frequent movements that take them from place to place. Calvert’s academic options provide continuity for your children. No matter where your family is stationed, there is no interruption to their education.

Ex-Pats and Families Living Overseas

Families living in other countries often struggle with enrolling their children in foreign schools. In addition to concerns about language barriers and safety, schools in foreign countries lack many of the standards that exist in U.S. schools. The Calvert curriculum has educated thousands of students in over 90 countries.

What Does Calvert Provide For military and Overseas Families?

  • Education that meets or exceeds U.S. state and national guidelines.
  • Course materials and communications written in English.
  • Program flexibility, allowing families to adjust their school year calendar based on relocation, travel, and other life events.
  • Continuity in education through rich, online resources.
  • Planning and progress tracking through the included learning management system.
  • Students can earn an accredited U.S. high school diploma, valid for college admissions.

Calvert’s Flexible Program Options

We understand that every student has unique circumstances. That’s why we offer a variety of flexible program options. With Calvert, parents and students can select the programs that best meet the student’s needs.

Our programs include:

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Being a military family can be challenging, especially if you’re moving from base to base and school to school.  Calvert is the constant in my children’s lives.  No matter where we live (3 continents so far), I know my children are receiving a high-quality education without any gaps.

— Sanesa K., Calvert Mom