Struggling Students

Every student deserves the opportunity to learn and thrive

Calvert understands that the traditional school environment doesn’t work for every child. Bullying, peer pressure, poor school environment, special needs, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, and even boredom can cause students to struggle in the classroom. Unfortunately, traditional schools are often incapable of meeting the academic, social, emotional, and sensory needs of all students. At Calvert, we believe that all students should have access to curriculum and teaching strategies that are designed to help them learn and thrive. We’re here to help you.

What Does Calvert Provide for Struggling Students?

  • Flexible pacing- allowing students to move ahead if they have mastered content or take time for additional review of concepts where they struggle.
  • Break times as needed – parents can offer additional breaks and exercise time for students who are easily distracted.
  • No timed tests – students at home do not have to finish tests within specific time frames.
  • Complete daily lesson plans that provide specific objectives and lists of resources.
  • Integrated, hands-on learning materials and multi-sensory learning approaches.
  • An easy-to-use online management tool to plan your schedule, track progress, and more.
  • A passionate and supportive community.

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We recently began using the Calvert curriculum with our 8 year old Autistic son and we are so pleased. He is engaging and enjoying school again. The workbooks are perfect for him because they aren’t visually overwhelming. The textbooks are beautiful and full of interesting lessons. I really can’t say enough about the positive impact Calvert has had on my son.

— Meg N., Calvert Mom