Are Homeschoolers Prepared for College?

As the folks here at Calvert Education Services continue to develop the new Calvert High School Program, our main goal is – “to create an academically rigorous curriculum, reflective of the highest international standards, in order to prepare students to successfully attend any college in the world.”

While academic preparation is one of the most important aspects of being accepted to; and attending college, we know that college admission teams also review extra curricular activities, leadership positions, and volunteer work.  Does this put homeschool students at a disadvantage over students who attended public or private high schools?  Can homeschool students adapt to college life as well as their traditionally-schooled peers?

Two recent articles, Students from home school adjust to life at UNC  and Homeschooled Teens Ripe for College suggest that homeschool students adjust to college life just as well, or even better than other students.

What do you think?
Do your children participate in group activities or do volunteer work?
Do you look for hands-on learning and leadership opportunities that will look good on college applications?
Do you think homeschool students are more prepared for college than other students?