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Homeschool Homework: Does It Exist?

At Calvert, we often get asked, “Is there homework for homeschoolers?” It’s a logical and reasonable question. Many parents are very concerned about homework overload, which has been common in many school systems across the country, and about the general value of homework in relation to academic performance and learning. Some public school parents have reported […]

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Homeschooling Pros and Cons

If there is one thing that we have learned at Calvert in over one hundred years of providing homeschool curriculum and education services, it is that homeschooling is not for everyone. Every educational system offers great opportunities for children to learn new information and skills, as well as harness their own unique qualities and interests. […]

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Top 10 Ways Homeschoolers Can Cure Classroom Boredom

  Classroom boredom can strike at any time. For homeschoolers, boredom can impact parent teachers, as well as students. When there is a feeling of boredom or disconnectedness, the ability to teach or learn is greatly diminished. Therefore, the first step is to recognize that you or your student are not engaged with your current […]

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Calvert Education Homeschool 101: What Is Homeschooling?

The Rise of Homeschooling In recent years, homeschooling has caught the attention of parents and educators, as well as national and local media, all across the United States. The simple reason is that homeschooling is on the rise, and becoming more accepted as an alternative to traditional public and private schools. According to the Department […]

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How Does Homeschooling Empower Women and Girls?

At Calvert, we are proud that our homeschool program has educated famous women such as Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Pearl S. Buck, who also became the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize in literature. In recognition of all our past women graduates and the many young women […]

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A Few Tips On How Homeschoolers Can Celebrate President’s Day

This year, President’s Day takes place on Monday, February 20th. It is a federal holiday that is always celebrated on the third Monday of February in honor of George Washington, our nation’s first president, who was born on February 22, 1732. The day also is known in some states only as Washington’s Birthday, or Washington’s […]

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