Recharge Your Batteries

If you’ve ever used Calvert, you know that we offer a high-quality and very rigorous curriculum. We know the importance of keeping your child engaged and challenged. We work hard to make sure that happens. 

There are times, though, that it’s “just not happening.” Despite your best intentions, things aren’t going well. Your child is getting frustrated. You’re getting frustrated. Is any learning happening then? Well, of course, because learning is ALWAYS occurring, but is this a lesson you really want to teach?

Sometimes, you just need to take a break. And you need to make it a true break. Whether you just need an hour on a Thursday afternoon or you’re on your family vacation, you need to disconnect, unplug from “learning.” Let your child go outside and run and play. Allow them to pick out some toys. Or books. Or a movie. Don’t worry about the geometry he might be learning while playing with his Legos. Sometimes, free time is just as important as work time. The brain needs to recharge.

The same goes for you, Mom and Dad. Stop checking your work email while on vacation – even if you’re at home. Let it go for a day. Don’t worry about tomorrow’s lesson plans. We’ve got that covered anyway. Sleep in (even though for some of us that means 7 a.m.). Eat lunch outside. Better yet, eat dessert first. And do you know what? The dishes will still be there in the morning. (Trust me. No dish fairy has ever come to my house to take them away!) Go for a walk after dinner.

The next day, get back at it. Your batteries will be recharged and you’ll get a lot more out of your school day. I promise.