The Boxing Days – Part 2

Yesterday I told you about two of the “fun boxes” that we use in our family to keep the troops at Clan Roe marching forward.  Today I want to tell you about the other two.

Fun Box #3 – The Idea Box – This could be called the Reward Box Part II, because the idea is similar, but I use it to reward a job well done and good behavior for things other than school as well.  It is a 3×5 file card box full of things that my children enjoy doing, and they can choose as a reward.  They are categorized into times – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.  Each card has one “reward” on it, like “baking cookies” (which, by the way, is an hour reward) or “watch television” (which is never more than 30 minutes).  Good performances, or obedient attitude allowed them to pick a reward.  Since I am the time scheduler, I get to choose how “big” the reward is, e.g. how much time is involved.

Fun Box #4 – The Book Box – I am constantly amazed at the number of parents who tell me they cannot get anything done because their kids “don’t take naps anymore”.  Not at my house.  I am the one who needs the nap, thank you very much!  So each child, from the time they have a bed they can get out of, has a “book box” in their bed.  When I get my half an hour “rest time” in the afternoon, they are required to go to their bedroom and quietly read books from the book box.  No ifs, ands or buts.  And, if they are difficult during teaching time, they may be required to retire to bed to the book box for a “break”.  Would you believe that my college kids still have book boxes in their beds??  And NO ONE ever complains about nap time here!

Whether you choose to use one of these boxes or all of these boxes, I hope you will find them of benefit.  My experience is that the more you utilize these tools the easier your homeschool experience will be.

Remember as I said yesterday – enjoy your Boxing Days, for they pass far too quickly.