Calvert Excellence: Re‑imagined for the Digital Age

Technology is transforming the world we live in, presenting opportunities to learn in ways previously unimaginable.
At Calvert, we’re harnessing that technology to make our internationally-renowned curriculum more relevant and engaging than ever before.

It’s Calvert reimagined for the Digital Age.


Creating a Multi‑Dimensional Experience — Online and Offline

In creating this new environment, our instructional design experts have carefully combined the power of education technology with the learning approach Calvert families have loved for over 100 years.
When you log-in to our new Calvert Teaching Navigator, you’ll find:

  • Multimedia resources (audio, video, interactive labs, and more) that bring lessons to life and support deeper learning.
  • A more user-friendly Calvert Teaching Navigator format to put those lessons, materials, and resources readily at your fingertips.
  • Step-by-step teaching notes and detailed grading rubrics.
  • More online assessments to give you immediate feedback on your student’s comprehension of the material.

While online access is required for our program, your student will find plenty of opportunities to work offline with:

  • Projects designed to be completed offline using materials readily available at home.
  • Downloadable lessons and worksheets that can be printed on-demand and completed offline.
  • Printed textbooks and workbooks available for families who prefer them.

Step Into Our New Classroom

Need help visualizing this exciting new environment? Then step into our fifth grade science lesson on air pollution. Throughout the course of this multi-day topic study, your student:

  • Pulls up the project assignment and resources, using the intuitively-designed Calvert Teaching Navigator.

  • Watches a video on air pollution in China’s most polluted city.

  • Reads and interacts with content regarding the causes and contributors to air pollution.

  • Designs a solution to decrease pollution (offline) and creates a presentation (online) using the latest software.

Following our detailed lesson plan, together you and your student discuss his/her ideas and how to apply them to other real-world problems. In short, it’s your child interacting with you, the material, and a real-world problem — both online and off.

Continuing a Tradition of Academic Excellence

For more than 100 years, Calvert has provided students around the world with a curriculum recognized for academic excellence. Today that tradition continues in a digitally-focused environment where every resource has been vetted by our instructional designers — assuring the quality and safety of your child’s online experience.