Fun Tricks for Recalling Information: Calvert November Inspire

Fun Tricks for Recalling Information

Keep your children motivated by presenting fun ways for them to share what they are studying in their lessons. Choose from a variety of fun activities that will keep them motivated to learn, while you have an opportunity to assess how they recall important information.

Here are some suggestions of fun activities to try.

Report it!

Have your child write a script as if she is a reporter on the scene of a historical event. Then have her act it out and record it on video if you can.

Another option is to have your child put her own newspaper together with articles about the new information she has learned. Have fun creating headlines and pictures to go with the articles. She could even interview someone as an expert on the subject. Then have her make copies of the newspaper to share with others.

Later, this news video or paper will be a great study tool.

Time it!

Create a timeline of historical events. Give your child different colors or shapes of construction paper to write the dates of the events in the order that they happened. Then have him place the events in order on a large timeline on the floor, wall, or table and give a description of each event.

Another option is to have him find different props from around the house to symbolize each event. Then he can place the symbols in the order that they happened to make a timeline. Have him present this timeline by giving a description of the event and an explanation of why he chose each symbol.

Picture it!

Use visuals to help your student recall important facts. Have your child draw pictures or find pictures on the Internet to represent new information. For example, if you are learning about clouds, have her draw and label the different cloud types. If you are learning about flowers, she can include facts in the pictures of the various flowers. You can also have fun doing this with geographical features.

When she finishes, have your child share the pictures. Have her tell someone about the pictures, write about them, or record your student talking about this new information.

These are just a few of the fun ways to keep your children motivated and interested in learning, recalling, and sharing new information. They are not only fun for your children, but they also spice up the way you track their learning. Learning isn’t all about textbooks and lectures. Enjoy it!