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Homeschooling Tip: Improve Learning By Reducing The Time Your Child Sits Still

There is a growing amount of evidence that you can improve listening and learning in children by allowing them more play-time and interactive activities, while reducing the time they sit still at a desk or table. A report from the Institute of Medicine released a couple of years ago showed that children “who are more […]

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How Homeschooling Can Benefit Boys

Educators and parents are often told of the unfair advantages boys receive throughout school. However, recent studies have shown that boys, not girls, are being treated unfairly in public schools, and could benefit from more personalized learning and homeschooling. Here are some facts from research conducted over the last several years: The typical boy is […]

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Top 10 Ways Homeschoolers Can Cure Classroom Boredom

  Classroom boredom can strike at any time. For homeschoolers, boredom can impact parent teachers, as well as students. When there is a feeling of boredom or disconnectedness, the ability to teach or learn is greatly diminished. Therefore, the first step is to recognize that you or your students are not engaged with your current […]

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Calvert Education Homeschool 101: What Is Homeschooling?

The Rise of Homeschooling In recent years, homeschooling has caught the attention of parents and educators, as well as national and local media, all across the United States. The simple reason is that homeschooling is on the rise, and becoming more accepted as an alternative to traditional public and private schools. According to the Department […]

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Calvert May Inspire!

It’s Summertime and the Weather is Fine to Explore Science and Nature Outdoors Science is the study of the natural and physical world. Formal science uses systematic observation and experiment; however, teachers know that an important step in successful science education is developing enthusiasm for science in children. To do this science education can expand […]

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