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Homeschooling Tip: Improve Learning By Reducing The Time Your Child Sits Still

There is a growing amount of evidence that you can improve listening and learning in children by allowing them more play-time and interactive activities, while reducing the time they sit still at a desk or table. A report from the Institute of Medicine released a couple of years ago showed that children “who are more […]

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How Homeschooling Can Benefit Boys

Educators and parents are often told of the unfair advantages boys receive throughout school. However, recent studies have shown that boys, not girls, are being treated unfairly in public schools, and could benefit from more personalized learning and homeschooling. Here are some facts from research conducted over the last several years: The typical boy is […]

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Strong Bodies Support Learning: Research Shows That Exercising the Body Improves Academic Performance

As if choosing and implementing an academic curriculum for your children was not enough, research indicates that you should be organizing regular physical activity for them as well.  The results of a study by Charles Hillman, Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Neuroscience at the University of Illinois were published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise […]

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