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Mind Maps at Home: Helping the Student With a Reading Disability

Have you ever watched a movie where you just can’t follow the plot? No matter how hard you try to focus and pay attention, very little about the movie is making sense. This is what reading is like for a child who struggles with reading comprehension. If your child continually expresses a dislike for reading […]

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Decoding Solutions for Struggling Readers

“I hate reading. Don’t make me do it. I don’t want to read anymore.” These are not simply the sounds of an obstinate child. If you’ve heard this before, and are hearing it frequently, then your child may be in need of some extra help. Dyslexic children often have difficulty with decoding, which is important […]

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Testing for Reading Disabilities: Home-School Reading Assessment Tips

Do you think your child may be suffering from a learning disability in reading? Does he put up a fight when it’s time to read? Does it seem to take an unusually long time to complete reading assignments? If you suspect that your child is struggling with reading, you may want to consider testing for […]

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