Success Stories

Take a look at Calvert and you’ll find an impressive list of families and alumni. Over the course of our history, we have had the privilege of educating hundreds of thousands of students who have grown up to be incredible adults. Among so many others, President Barack Obama, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Pulitzer prize winning novelist Pearl S. Buck, and political commentator William F. Buckley, Jr. were at one time or another all Calvert students.

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The flexibility and quality of Calvert fits the lifestyles of many different types of families and students. We are so proud of our Calvert families, students, and alumni. Here are some of their stories.

Lucas and Santiago, gymnasts for the National Guatemalan Gymnastics Team

“They are so happy and proud to be part of the American Calvert program. Someday, they want to go and meet their teacher, Miss Stephanie!”

— Amparo G., Calvert Mom

Calvert Alumnus, Wydell Wilson, meeting Air Force Chief Master Sergeant James A. Cody

“Because of the Calvert program, Wydell began taking sophomore college English courses after finishing 8th grade.  Eventually, Wydell enlisted in the United States Air Force.  He is currently stationed in Japan.”

— Ruth W., Calvert Mom

“I’m grateful for Calvert’s Education Counselors and customer service. Our family has used Calvert in the UK, US and Middle East. We love the content of your programs and the welcoming, knowledgeable and approachable response we get from Calvert staff.

I love that we can mix and blend levels and that your staff take such care in helping source the right level. Calvert programs are strong, but the passion of your staff truly sets Calvert apart. Thanks, Calvert!”

— Lorna W., Calvert Mom

“My son loves reading the positive and encouraging comments his advisory teacher adds to each of his tests. I love the peace of mind knowing that we have transcripts for each completed grade level and that a teacher has reviewed his work.”

— Patricia D., Calvert Mom

“I was very anxious about homeschooling my child for the first time. After I called and spoke with a Calvert Education Counselor, I felt SO much better! The counselors have given me a lot of advice and support over the years and I’m very grateful for their help.”

— Janelle M., Calvert Mom

“I used to spend endless hours planning and organizing our homeschool curriculum. With Calvert’s Lesson Manuals, I just look over the lesson the night before and we’re ready to go the next day! Calvert has done all the prep work for me and that gives me more time to focus on my kids.”

— Amanda B., Calvert Mom

“Calvert’s Lesson Manuals provide clear and simple directions for what I need to do with my children each day. They take the guesswork out of teaching and give me the confidence I need to educate my children.”

— Julie W., Calvert Mom

“With a daughter in competitive dance, we’re always on the road. I love that we can log in to the Calvert Teaching Navigator and do our lessons from our tablet, no matter where we are. Plus, I can log in and see my older son’s progress from home!!”

— Amanda C., Calvert Mom

“That’s what I like about Calvert so much. Although the work gets harder and the workload increases, it grows proportionately to me so that I learn time management skills. This is going to be really helpful in college!”

— Emma W., Calvert Academy Student

“As a husband, and the one that really researched it to make sure my wife and my son had a pleasant experience, I can tell you directly that Calvert is one of the best priced and best made options out there. Look at private schools, talk about sticker shock.

Compared to other similar price range curriculum, Calvert is one of the best options. Calvert makes it easy and fun. We just got our 7 year old’s nationally normed test scores back last month and he tested right at a 6th grade level (averaged as his reading was over 9th grade level), all thanks to my wife and Calvert. And this wasn’t even a paid advertisement!”

— Luther B., Calvert Dad

“We were scared to death of homeschooling our first grader last year. We had no idea what we were doing. Calvert made it so easy and rewarding. Plus it delivers an education that has no gaps in the curriculum. I would definitely recommend it for a first-timer.”

— Candace K., Calvert Mom

“Being a military family can be challenging, especially if you’re moving from base to base and school to school.  Calvert is the constant in my children’s lives.  No matter where we live (3 continents so far), I know my children are receiving a high-quality education without any gaps.”

— Sanesa K., Calvert Mom