Success Stories

Take a look at Calvert and you’ll find an impressive list of families and alumni. Over the course of our history, we have had the privilege of educating hundreds of thousands of students who have grown up to be incredible adults. Among so many others, President Barack Obama, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Pulitzer prize winning novelist Pearl S. Buck, and political commentator William F. Buckley, Jr. were at one time or another all Calvert students.

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The flexibility and quality of Calvert fits the lifestyles of many different types of families and students. We are so proud of our Calvert families, students, and alumni. Here are some of their stories.

“I have never home schooled and was very worried. We enrolled our son last year in the 7th grade and it has been great. Love Calvert. There is always an Education Counselor just a phone call away. My son works at his pace and is moving much quicker than the public schools. He finished 7th grade in the beginning of April and has already started 8th. We love the curriculum.”

— Doug D., Calvert Dad

The Rivenbark Family, homeschooling while traveling around the world.

“Homeschooling on the slow boat going down the Mekong River in Laos. Thanks, Calvert Education!”

— Julie R., Calvert Mom

“Calvert provides a full variety of subjects and the material is awesome. The Ed Counselors provide brilliant guidance and support. The videos and internet based learning tools are absolutely fantastic. I’m delighted we chose Calvert.”

— Hayley S., Calvert Mom

“We used Calvert for 4th and 5th grade for our son and could not have been more pleased. All of the Lesson Manuals were extremely easy to follow and understand. Since it was our first time homeschooling, I was nervous that I would miss something or wouldn’t teach my son everything that he needed to know for those grades. Once I saw Calvert’s program, I knew that I didn’t have to worry.”

— Brodie G., Calvert Mom

Calvert Alumna Angela Wilson, a student at Harvard University, and sister Gabrielle

“Your curriculum is so great that at the age of 13, Angela tested into college. Although I worked with her at home another year, she excelled. This summer she studied at Harvard University, and she was invited back by members of the staff and faculty to complete her graduate degree.”

— Ruth W., Calvert Mom

Mysti Rolenc, Calvert Alumna, and author of 3 books. Her first book was published at age 14.

“I started in Kindergarten and went all the way through 8th grade with Calvert. I absolutely feel that the Calvert program helped to prepare me for my career as an author! Calvert had such emphasis on writing, not just in the language arts section, but in every class. It really helped me to build my writing skills and improve them.”

— Mysti R., Calvert Alumni
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“This is my first year using Calvert. My son is in first grade. We started in July and love the program so far. He has learned so much already. We will continue using Calvert until he graduates. My husband was not convinced about doing homeschooling, but now he is 100% on board and loves Calvert.”

— Billie Jo T., Calvert Mom

“We recently began using the Calvert curriculum with our 8 year old Autistic son and we are so pleased. He is engaging and enjoying school again. The workbooks are perfect for him because they aren’t visually overwhelming. The textbooks are beautiful and full of interesting lessons. I really can’t say enough about the positive impact Calvert has had on my son.”

— Meg N., Calvert Mom

Delaney and her mom, two generations of Calvert students

“Using the same homeschool program as my mom is very interesting. My mom chose Calvert solely because she used Calvert when she was a kid also. She says my school is much harder than hers was.”  – Delaney P., Calvert Student

“Calvert is great! I loved the program when I was younger and I still do today. I like the freedom it has given us this year and I like the addition of the online program and the Academy.” – Mrs. D., former Calvert Student

— Mrs. D., Calvert Mom

“Calvert is the absolutely best curriculum available. The program is extremely organized and provides far and beyond other curriculum. Choosing Calvert is a decision you are making to provide your child the absolute best, highest quality education.”

— Patricia M., Calvert Mom

“The public school curriculum does not even begin to compare to Calvert curriculum. Growing up, I went to a very prestigious K-8 private school. This is the only curriculum I have found comparable to that school, short of moving to the town I grew up in. Once you start doing it, it feels like such a relief. I know I am doing the right thing for my child’s future.”

— Candace K., Calvert Mom

“My son did Calvert from Pre-K on up. When he got to 7th grade, he joined the juniors and seniors at our local public high school to try out the College Board SATs (as part of the Duke TIP), just to see how he would do. He came out with a 650 in Reading, a 590 in Writing, and a 510 in Math (and he hadn’t even learned any high school math, yet).

This is a competitive SAT score even for a high school graduate! I’ll say that Calvert has been preparing him well.”

— Bill L., Calvert Dad